When Thinking Goes Wrong

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I was thinking about this article today. A good friend sent it to me.  I had been turned off of updating my website and working on helping others for a few years.  Part of it was because I had grown tired of all the wasted energy that parents and professionals put into endless debates, junk science, and discussion boards.   Luckily,  my little vacation refreshed me and I met a new mom who was positive, humorous, and sane!  So,  to the gal who lives down the street,  I promise to get my act in gear and get my webpage finished.  To those in the current thimersol/mercury debate-  read the article.  I don’t believe that the CDC and the medical community are in collusion with Big Pharma to poison our children… and I don’t believe that mercury has been ruled out as a factor in the rise of autism.


New Design coming soon….

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I still don’t have all the pages up from the original site and I will try to do that in the next few weeks.

As an update,   Lukas is now in the 5th grade.   Are we indistinguishable? In a word, no.   Are we were many parents wish they could be? Yes.  We are currently working with the series “Think Good Feel Good” and incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into our lives.   Formalized ABA programming for children with Autism is no longer really applicable but the sound, logical prinicpals behind it are.    Did our child regress and fall apart after ending ABA?  No.  Did he academically fall behind? No.  He made all A’s and B’s.   Could he have been a straight A student? Yes.  This is where his academic issues line up with many ADHD children.

I know… not all the links are up…   But I am going to work on this and probably redo the entire website.  I may add a section where other ABA parents can leave comments about their own experience with certain programs or problems that they had with certain targets.   But it isn’t happening this morning. :-)   It is a beautiful day and I am going running…